URSS - 1988-1990 - Mir - Soyuz...

URSS - 1988-1990 - Mir - Soyuz TM-4-Soyuz TM-9

URSS - 1988-1990 - orbital station Mir - Soyuz TM-4-Soyuz TM-9 - long period space letter with 6 space flights from Soyuz TM-4 to Soyuz TM-9 - 5 board canc./postmarks and 11 signatures - soviet canc. "CCCP-HPC 09.06.88" day of Soyuz TM-5/Mir docking; Soviet-Bulgarian postmark of 9.6.1988, Soyuz TM-5; Soviet-Afghan “Space Mail 31.08.88", day of Soyuz TM-6/Mir docking; black French circle postmark "CNES Intercosmos 1988" (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales) and board Mir octagonal canc. of 13.02.90, day of Soyuz TM-9/Mir docking - signatures of 11 cosmonauts: V.Titov and the rare signature of A.Levchenko (Soyuz TM-4); A.Soloviyov, also Commander of TM-9, V.Savinykh e A.Aleksandrov - Bulgaria (Soyuz TM-5); V.Lyakhov, V.Polyakov e A.Mohmand - Afghanistan (Soyuz TM-6); J.L.Chrétien - France (Soyuz TM-7) -A.Viktorenko (Soyuz TM-8) and A.Balandine (Soyuz TM-9) - uncommon space letter with the 11 signatures - very good quality

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