URSS - 1978 - Salyut-6 - Soyuz 27

URSS - 1978 - Salyut-6 - Soyuz 27

USSR - 1978 - orbital station Salyut-6 - Soyuz 27 - k.4 space letter/postal stationery of Soyuz 27 flight left on 10.1.1978 and returned to Earth on 16.1.1978 - for the first time in Space there was a combination of 3 spaceships (Soyuz 26, Salyut 6 and Soyuz 27) - Soyuz 27 crew members, V.Dzhanibekov and O.Makarov, docked with Salyut-6 on 11.1.1978 and met the resident crew (Soyuz 26), Y.Romanenko and G.Grechko - canc. of Baikonur Cosmodrome of 16.1.1978 + special board postmark in origin with 6 stars applied on covers by G.Grechko as official "postmaster" - the problem was that the first on-board obliterations carried out in the absence of gravity on the Salyut station were quite indistinct and were largely destroyed by Grechko himself who in turn eliminated one star from the handstamp to distinguish them from those cancelled on departure from the Earth (ref. also in V.KlochKo handbook and in Hopferwieser catalogue) - signatures of the two crews: Y.Romanenko and G.Grechko (Soyuz 26), V.Dzhanibekov and O.Makarov (Soyuz 27) - good quality

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