Signatures of philatelic experts and certificates

The list indicates the main signatures and/or initials of philatelic experts present in the descriptions.

In the case of a certificate, the year in which it was drawn up is indicated.

  • A.I.E.P (dal 1954)
  • International Association of Philatelic Experts
  • APFIP (dal 2012)
  • Associazione Periti Filatelici Italiani Professionisti

A.BolaffiAlberto Bolaffi (junior)
G.BolaffiGiulio Bolaffi
BottacchiGiacomo Bottacchi - AIEP - APFIP
BPAExpertising Ltd, London
CaffazEgidio Caffaz - APFIP
D.C. - D.CarraroDiego Carraro - APFIP
G.C. - G.CarraroGianni Carraro
G.CollaGiorgio Colla - AIEP - APFIP
A.Diena - A.D.Alberto Diena
Em.Diena - Em.D.Emilio Diena
E.Diena - En.D.Enzo Diena
R.Diena - R.D.Raffaele Diena (Enzo Diena s.n.c.) - APFIP
Walter HopferwieserWalter Hopferwieser (Spazio) - AIEP
IntercosmosAccademia delle Scienze URSS (Spazio)
F.LonghiFiorenzo Longhi - AIEP - APFIP
MezhdunarodnayaMezhdunarodnaya Kniga (Spazio)
R.MondolfoRenato Mondolfo
G.OlivaGuglielmo Oliva
PoznahirkoSergey Poznahirko (Spazio)
L.Raybaudi - L.Ray.Luigi Raybaudi
M.Raybaudi - M.Ray.Maurizio Raybaudi
Raybaudi ExpertsSerena Vignati - APFIP
J.RobineauJ.Robineau Philateliste
RodinIgor Rodin (Spazio) - AIEP
R.P.S.LondraRoyal Philatelic Society - Londra
SoraniSilvano Sorani /Manuela Sara Sorani - APFIP
SiegerHermann Walter Sieger
P.V. - P.VaccariPaolo Vaccari (sigla/firma di garanzia Vaccari srl)
D.ZanariaDaniele Zanaria
ZarelliSteve Zarelli - Zarelli Space Authentication, LLC (Spazio)

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