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it is our desire to bring to your attention the possibility of purchasing many of the works that belonged to Fernando Corsari's library.

In the Used books section you will find hundreds of volumes, at net prices, which reflect the personality of the "refined and documented collector" (as "Philatelic Chronicle" - Cronaca filatelica, recalls him), who passed away in 2002.

Fernando Corsari was not only an airmail collector and scholar, but also a great bibliophile, with the task of "soliciting the knowledge and diffusion of the aerophilatelic sector and of postal history among enthusiasts and experts of philately".

His library has been divided into several sections, where Fernando Corsari's personal study archive stands out: 

  • Ancient and valuable books
  • History of aviation
  • Hot air balloons, Airships
  • Airplanes and Seaplanes
  • Other types of flight
  • Pilots
  • Italian airmail
  • World/foreign airmail
  • Catalogues, Events
  • Magazines and batches

Among these texts the “Catalogue of Italian Aerophilately” stands out, which was the work of Fernando Corsari and Ugo De Simoni, published between 1969 and 1972 on the "Aeronautical Magazine" (Rivista aeronautica) and finally collected in a 232-page book in 1972. "A unique work of its kind, the first in Italy, which, by collecting all the philatelic material of aeronautical topic from its origins to nowadays, takes on a significant historical value, other than philatelic, and constitutes a real history of flight in Italy".

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