The portal dedicated to Airmail and Space launches the first campaign of discount coupons on all products during summer time.

Dear reader, how not to take advantage of it?

From 18th July to 31st August 2020, by entering the code of the chosen discount coupon in the shopping cart or order checkout section, you will get the total amount of your purchases immediately discounted!

I have arranged 3 levels of discount coupons based on the total amount reached, while surfing far and wide following the routes you prefer on

1,200 items are waiting for you, from envelopes and postage stamps of Air, Zeppelin, Rocket and Space Mail, to documents, aviation postcards and photos, Star Wars saga contents, to news books and catalogues, and the immense used books heritage from the “Fernando Corsari” aviation and airmail library.

How much should I pay and how much will I save? How many times can I use the discount coupons? Can I place orders during summer break?
These are for sure the most frequently asked questions.
Immediate response, because it is with simplicity and clarity that Silvia Vaccari wanted to characterize this discount coupons campaign.
  • For purchase over € 199.00 DISCOUNT COUPON €   35.00 - CODE: BSC35S199
  • For purchase over € 499.00 DISCOUNT COUPON €   90.00 - CODE: BSC90S499
  • For purchase over € 999.00 DISCOUNT COUPON € 180.00 - CODE: BSC180S999

It’s easy, isn’t it? For the entire validity of the campaign, from 18th July to 31st August 2020, you can purchase by taking advantage of a discount coupon for 5 times based on the amount of each order (not combinable with other discount coupons for the same order).

I have forgotten the code to enter: no problem, just look at the news section of the website: there will be this dedicated news and the relevant discount coupon codes.

When will I receive my orders?All orders placed before 29th July will be processed immediately (except for postponed shipment requests). For those made during summer break, orders will be processed when offices reopen on 24th August, according to receipt date, a very important detail for products, mainly in a single copy.

So save money and let’s see on!

Silvia Vaccari

Meticulous descriptions,
the best in the industry

fast shipping and
insurance included

plaintext certificates without
having to request them

a multitude of
descriptive images

Product added to wishlist

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